Visionary Self-Preparations begin by knowing Nature: (a) results from an ordering Cosmic Force, Sekhem; (b) its Meaning being expressed in a thing’s Essence; (c) displays a Thing’s Essence Rationally (Mathematically); and (d) by depending on nothing for its existence, whatever is outside Nature (e.g. Europeans’ Supernatural  claims), does not exist, despite its human-made fake Essences. Existence (African, “Essence,” to be as absolutely necessary) impliesNature is its sum total—being whole but never finished. Its Static parts (like God’s Essence) are called “Natural Naturata”—i.e. “all that is, is Nature”–meaning taking a cross-section of Existence at any one time is to regard its totality as Nature. Its principle of development is the Cosmic Force always at work in Things. Nature’s penetrating ingredients into inner workings of all Cosmic Things is termed “Natura Naturans”—i.e. Nature in its Dynamic developing process, similar to Essentials. Existence is analogized to a gigantic Spider-web whereby its Static Situation embraces Dynamic components present throughout–a display of Continuity (unity among diversity)—each interrelated because every aspect possesses the same Spiritual “Genetics” of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. That is African Tradition’s Correspondence definition. Each ingredient in the entirety of this Web contains mosaic bits and pieces of the Spiritual Elements’ Essence. Its “Genes” display in each human as a unique arrangement and combination Form of customized Traits, Features, Characteristics, and a “Trademark”. African Sages said God’s manifest Spiritual Existence precedes and rules Material Essence. For example, a human’s Essence is the extract of God’s Substance in Spirit and Matter forms. God’s Spirit Substance flows inside all Cosmic Organism Creatures and Creations in the way blood pumped out of ones heart goes into all ten digits of ones hands, despite each digit being unique–or in the way “Sap” nourishes a tree. Substance in a specific “Being” contains a Disposition—its “What” and “Why” + an Inclination + an Intention. 

Existence, as a Cosmic Essence, is “pregnant” with its Essentials–referring to its objective contents of Ether (early Matter). Essentials are: (1) so inseparably involved as for a Thing to be unable to exist in its ‘completeness’ without it; (2) a part of a Thing’s “what it is”—i.e. its defining Self-Identity; (3) illuminances are its added vitals to a Thing’s Essence pattern via their Character, Characteristics, Traits, Features, and “Trademark’ existence; and (4) may also apply to an underlying human-made principle—like the “flesh” added to the “skeletal” Theme representing the Essence. Early Africans’s beginning insights into Essences came from observing associated “happenings” throughout Nature. One osmosis emanating inference from Nature’s Principles was the concept of an After-Life following their Earthly death. This came from the idea that nothing dies but rather makes a transition from one plane of existence to another. From that, they brilliantly subdivided the Cosmos into Un-seeable and Seeable subdivisions, with a transition separating them. Hence, they inferred that on all planes of Un-seeable and Seeable existence, Nature consists of a complexity and multiplicity of Patterns—some reproducible; others being new creations from moment to moment, like foams in ocean waves. So, on the Immaterial Cosmic Plane is the Un-Seeable and Unknowable Plane of God–having no boundaries; no beginning, middle, or end; and is not definable. The Sublime (Intangible) Realm, made of pre-matter (the Ether), is above time and space; has boundaries but is beyond human perception; and contains the world’s highest concentration of Unconditional Love, Goodness, Truth, and Beauty in Thought Clouds. 

The Unbounded Tangible contains the earliest Matter, like thought energy (limited only by time and space). The Partially Bounded Tangible items have hazy boundaries—e.g. heat, cold, electricity, radiation, sound, and emotions–and can sort of be defined and experienced, but not seen or touched. The Concrete Tangible (completely bounded) is specifically defined by size, weight, number, mass, volume, height, extent, and/or capacity. Still, all independent operations work interdependently to make a whole. Each insight provided “shoulders” for subsequent Africans to stand on in reaching ever new heights of visionary insights into the Cosmos itself. In short, “Vision” recognizes Substance in what is real. The act of recognizing the infinite in the finite enables one to “See” Cosmic entities as whole–as they really are—and all clearly interconnected.; JABLifeSkills;

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A powerful Creative and Critical Thinking exercise is to first learn shapes of the Pyramid, Square, Trapezius, Trapezoid, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Octagon, Ellipse, Lunette; study which are Cosmic and/or and human-made; and determine what are indications for using...


Patterns, Shapes, and Forms are fundamental tools to help one see and give meaning to Real, Surreal, and Unreal Things. These contribute to understanding and the explaining of Principles (unchanging realities), Events (changing realities), Settings, Situations, and...


“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...

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