Consider Their Positions Before You Vote

Consider Their Positions Before You Vote

S. E. Williams 

November 8th is rapidly approaching, early voting is underway and one can almost catch a whiff of scorched earth in the air as the contest between this year’s two major party candidates for president races toward the finish line. 

The shortcomings, strengths, and weaknesses of each candidate have been explored by talking heads and extolled by Pulitzer-prize winning reporters ad infinitum; however, much less attention has been given to comparing and contrasting their policy positions. 

For readers who remain undecided, following is a bullet point summation of each candidate’s position on six policy issues important to Inland Empire voters.


Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton


• Reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three 

• Cut corporate taxes 

• Eliminate the estate tax 

• Increase standard deduction for individual tax filers


• 4% surtax on incomes over $5 million 

• An increase in the capital gains tax 

• Treat carried interest income earned by hedge fund managers as income and not capital gains 

• Close tax loopholes for the wealthy 

• Increase estate tax


• Create 25 million jobs over 10 years 

• Reduce corporate tax rate to 15% 

• Invest in infrastructure 

• Cut the trade deficit 

• Lower taxes 

• Remove regulations


• Create 10 million new jobs 

• Invest in advanced manufacturing, technology, renewable energy, and small businesses 

• Increase employment training.


• Build an impenetrable wall along the 2,000-plus-mile US-Mexico border 

• End President Barack Obama’s executive actions deferring deportation proceedings for undocumented migrants 

• Reduce the number of these migrants living in the US 

• Called for the forced deportation of undocumented migrants and temporarily closing the US border to all Muslims


• Continue and expand upon President Barack Obama’s unilateral executive actions 

• Comprehensive immigration reform that includes a means for undocumented immgrants to obtain permanent legal residency and, eventually, US citizenship 

• Opposes privately run detention facilities

Criminal Justice 

• Violence and lawlessness are out of control 

• Law enforcement should be allowed to get tough on offenders 

• Police profiling is necessary to prevent terrorist attacks on US soil 

• Supports stop and frisk

Criminal Justice 

• Against “mass incarceration” and mandatory minimum sentences 

• Supports laws prohibiting racial profiling 

• Supports rehabilitation over long prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders 

• Believes stop and frisk policies have been proven ineffective

Climate Change 

• Climate Change is a hoax 

• Opposes environmental regulations 

• Would slash funding to Environmental Protection Agency 

• Would cancel Paris Agreement 

• Would cancel other international efforts to address the issue of Climate Change

Climate Change 

• Climate Change is a threat to American security 

• Supports strict regulation of the energy industry 

• Opposes expanded drilling in Alaska 

• Opposes construction of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada 

• Refused to back a moratorium on the extraction of oil from shale deposits through fracking

Foreign Policy 

• Closer relations with Russia 

• Require allies in Europe and Asia to shoulder a greater share of the expense for their national defense 

• Hardline stance toward combating Islamic State 

• Require NATO to do more to combat terrorism in the Middle East

Foreign Policy 

• An expanded role in fighting the Islamic State in Syria, including a no-fly zone and arming Syrian rebels 

• Supports arming Kurdish peshmerga fighters 

• Supports a continued US military presence in Afghanistan 

• Firmly backs the US role in NATO

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