Congratulations to Virginia Marquez as an Outstanding Woman

Congratulations to Virginia Marquez as an Outstanding Woman
Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Virginia Marquez, the City of San Bernardino’s First Ward councilwoman, was honored by the California State Assembly this past Monday during Women’s History Month for her work on behalf of the citizens of the city. I cannot think of a more deserving person because of her dedication to the city and those citizens in her ward.

I have had the opportunity to observe Councilwoman Marquez in action many times on television as she goes about her duties while in council meetings. You can tell she does her homework she knows the agenda items by the questions she asks and in some cases has consulted with her constituents before the meeting. I like and appreciate the broad perspective she takes on many issues as she considers the people of her ward and the city at large.

First Ward Councilwoman Virginia Marquez and Assembly member Cheryl R. Brown

First Ward Councilwoman Virginia Marquez and Assembly member Cheryl R. Brown

However, Assembly member Cheryl Brown, as the elected representative of the 47th District, put forth Councilwoman Marquez’s name for these reasons:

…She is being recognized for her commitment to the families that suffered during the recent December 2nd tragedy in San Bernardino. On the day of the attack, Councilwoman Marquez and city staff were instrumental in coordinating disaster relief efforts at the Rudy Hernandez Community Center, providing resources, encouragement, and prayers to the families of the victims.”

Additionally, in an effort to address homelessness, Councilwoman Marquez co-authored the Homeless Action Plan, which offers emergency housing services for the homeless of San Bernardino. Although her vision was heavily criticized, she didn’t give-up. She continued her lobbying efforts and ultimately secured $600,000 in Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds to construct the Homeless Access Center in San Bernardino. Her efforts have made a difference in our city.

She is also chair of the Hometown Heroes Military Banner Committee, which she formed with former Councilmember Rikke Van Johnson. Since its inception, they have recognized 64 veterans for their service to our country.

Now another reason she is deserving of the honor, in my opinion, is because she cares for her 90+ year-old mother. I know this is not an easy task for anyone, especially with the duties of an elected official. She is a very likeable human being and she loves the Westside of San Bernardino where she grew-up and where her dad worked and retired from the Santa Fe Rail yard.

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