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Compassionate Outreach to the Homeless

by admin on 10th-March-2017

San Bernardino, CA


The National Council of Negro Women’s Inland Empire Section once again demonstrated the value and importance of compassionate community outreach when it provided 200 hygiene care bags to homeless individuals in the inland region late last month. 

Members of the organization presented blessing/personal care bags to the homeless when they visited the Meadowbrook Park and Mary’s Mercy Center, both facilities are in the City of San Bernardino. The organization received key support in their altruistic effort from Thrivent Financial and Sam’s Club. 

Thrivent Financial in Ontario provided funds to help finance the outreach effort; the Ontario Sam’s Club donated 200 bags filled with give-away items; and, volunteers from Sam’s Club in Riverside assisted members of the National Council of Negro Women’s’ (NCNW) Inland Empire Section with the giveaway. 

The partnership and generosity of Sam’s Club and Thrivent Financial provided an added level of support to NCNW members’ quest to gift the homeless with blessing/personal care bags filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm, socks, wash cloths, soap, batteries, sunscreen, lotion, and a variety of other essential hygiene items. 

NCNW Inland Empire Section’s 1st Vice President Jernine Williams noted the organization’s observation of how great the need of the area’s homeless really is. “We discovered there is a big need for blankets, shoes, and food,” she shared. Williams also encouraged anyone that would like to donate to the organization’s efforts to assist the homeless to send an email to NCNW at iencnw@gmail.com and enter “Donations” on the subject line—a NCNW member will respond. 

Readers can learn more about the good works of the local NCNW by visiting the organization’s Facebook page at NCNWInland Empire Section@NCNWIESection or via Instagram and Twitter @NCNW_IESection. Those who are interested can also visit the Bethune Center at 141 S. Riverside Avenue in Rialto or call (909) 874-6000.

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