Community Art Project Will Unite City

Community Art Project Will Unite City

Riverside, CA

The Riverside Art Museum, in collaboration with the city of Riverside and Riverside Unified School District (RUSD), will host a huge art event at Fairmount Park. Thousands of children will participate in the Art Float project at Lake Evans in May 2018. 

The project will involve hundreds of floating, hand-painted spheres, patterned after a similar project sponsored a few years ago by Portraits of Hope in Los Angeles. When complete, the floating artwork will feature over 350 hand-painted spheres that will float in Lake Evans for a three-week festival. 

Each plastic sphere, about six feet in diameter, will be brightly painted by children at 48 RUSD schools. After they are painted, the spheres will be launched in Lake Evans at Fairmount Park and will float as a huge piece of community art. While the spheres are in the lake, there will be multiple public events. 

Incoming Riverside Art Museum Board President Lucile Arntzen said, “This will be a signature event in Riverside. It will allow everyone free access to a unique kind of community art.” 

Chairwoman of Art Float-Riverside, Kathy Allavie, who also sits on the RUSD Board of Trustees, is excited to bring the art experience into the schools. “Our painting teams will be visiting each school and letting the children participate in the process,” she said. “I know that when they see the spheres floating colorfully in the lake they will be thrilled to have had a hand in its creation.” 

The Art Float project will also serve as a fundraiser for the museum. Allavie hopes to have 350 spheres sponsored by community members for $350 each. After the event, the sponsors can keep the painted spheres or have them donated to a school, library, or community center. 

The funds raised by the project will return to Riverside Art Museum’s programs, including their award-winning art education program called Art-to-Go, delivering art education directly to each classroom with age-appropriate projects and lessons given by qualified art instructors. RUSD has engaged the museum to deliver around 3,700 art classes in all their elementary schools this coming year. 

For more information about Art Float-Riverside or how to sponsor a sphere, contact Kathy Allavie at (951) 784-7377 or

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