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Citizens Demand President Trump Release His Taxes

by admin on 20th-April-2017

San Bernardino, CA

When thousands of Americans took to the streets on Saturday to demand President Donald J. Trump release his tax returns, citizens from both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties lent their voices to the call. 

Despite White House claims that no one cares about the president’s taxes other than the media; and regardless of White House accusations that anti-Trump protestors are paid agitators– citizens gathered by the thousands across the country and demanded transparency and disclosure from him regarding this issue. 

Protesters and others expressed concerns about the president negotiating trade deals, modifying the tax code, etc. without the public knowing whether any of his actions/decisions on these and other important issues will be made in the best interest of the nation or whether they will be driven by his personal business interests. 

Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign then candidate Trump stonewalled about publishing his taxes. Those close to the president now claim he will never release his taxes.

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