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Caution: Roadwork Ahead

by admin on 10th-November-2017

San Bernardino—The Daily Bulletin recently spoke with Chief Public Information Officer Terri Kasinga of Caltrans District 8 regarding why the agency performs road work, particularly the placement of guardrails along the 210 Freeway, during daylight hours when traffic is heaviest. Many drivers have asked themselves this question when stuck in traffic there during the day. 

According to Kasinga, Caltrans is careful to ensure its guardrail and maintenance repair crews do not work at night for safety reasons. “We request closures in advance and every once in a while have an emergency closure during the day. We do not work at night unless it is an emergency,” she explained. 

Also according to Kasinga, the contractors for construction projects are usually the ones that work nights to reduce the impact their work has on traffic, but there are always risks, such as accidents when someone drives into a work zone and hitting equipment or from those driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. “Unfortunately, the statistics show that it is typically the motorist or their passengers who are injured or killed when they enter a work zone,” Kasinga confirmed.

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