No Word’s meaning has bigger ramifications—more importance for determining “How Shall I Live?”—more significance for all major Decision-Making and Problem-Solving (e.g. whom to marry) than “Consequence”. Yet, amazingly, in 1000+ consulted references, I saw no meaningful discussion in the tiny few that even mentioned the word. It can have no precise definition since its composition consists of happenings directly derived from Effects; from anyPre-existing State, Condition, Situation, Event, or Occurrence traceable to an original Cause(s); or the Cause’s preceding Origin, or Source. Each inside that “then and now” range has undergone related happenings, and then proceeded to evolve through a complicated chain-of-activities. My awareness of Consequence’s scope was formalized in my USAF Military Medical practice at Clark Air Base, Philippines. We physicians provided emergency Orthopaedic Surgery on bullet-wounded, bomb-blast, and air-plane crash impaired Vietnam War soldiers. Much later, as Chief of the Veterans Hospital in Newington, Connecticut, I did Orthopaedic Surgery to reduce the Disabilities on similar previous war-injured patients.  So, arising from that ‘big picture’ of Consequence is that a significant Trauma (the Cause) leads to an Injury ("harm done"), creating at that moment the path for Disability (the final result) to be realized. People’s Causes may have: (1) been invited by foolish thinking; (2) by careless behaviors from hyper-Emotionalism; (3) not being their fault; (4) a combination of the part one played + and outside factors. From an Injury comes Impairment–an Effect manifesting as a partial or complete loss of body function. Emanating out of Impairment are Consequences. Gathered Consequences have a Result greater than the sum of each, termed ones Disability ('not able'). Disability disturbs mind, body, spirit. 

A reason “Consequence” can have no precise definition is from its formation compositions of all prior successions of events. Here, countless contributory happenings of each went through complicated chains of activities–progressing at each step with varied connections or interrelationships with each other. Such displays might include: (1) new Arrangements–shifting about of ingredients within a given Form; (2) alterings by arrangement/rearrangement, combination/recombination; (3) meshings, as with washing of bands within a rainbow into the bands of another; (4) “Emergentism”—combinations of elements which result in something new and unpredictable from knowledge of those elements’ patterns; (5) Synthesis of different entity’s mosaic pieces reduced to abstracts/abstractions; (6) “Backwash” inside an Interchange (e.g. two rivers meet and admix their fresh and salt water); (7) exchange places; (8) “salad”-type mixing; (9) blending; and (10) seeming chaos comprised of various combinations and misfits. Additional connections embrace: Type I: join, fasten together, link, meet, relate to, unite, combine, touch, fasten, couple, approximate; Type II: knit tie, bond, and/or flow with each other throughout the Process; Type III—neighboring members of abutting, adjacent, adjoin, contiguous (any kind of contact), juxtapose, tangent–blending imperceptibly into unrelated others.

Regardless of how connections come about, there is dependence of any one of these ingredients upon others. Any combination or arrangement may coalesce into interior Forms which interpenetrate with Environmental conditions to display as unique branches of good or bad Associations. Some branches are about gaining support; some generating loses, lacks, or obstacles; some are concerned with experiencing rebounds; some fashion new channels into the unknown or into solutions; and some aimlessly wander. So, understandably, the C14 English word "Consequence" (to follow closely)—i.e. the offspring of “Cause and Effect” parents—has been well-defined by Sharon Bingaman RN as: the somethings which happen as a result of something happeningThose gathered "Somethings" have an effect greater than the sum of each when added together. Hence, “Consequential” stresses the various meaningful somethings to be discerned and to never be ignored. In planning, they could have considerable impact on succeeding events—e.g. what could be life’s big problems or what prevents opportunities; in looking back, it permits troubleshooting. In short, whereas “Cause” (e.g. trauma) gives rise to “Effect” (impairments), each “Effect” is “pregnant” with Consequences of the Cause. Effects and Consequences radiate like rays from a Star.; JABLifeSkills;

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