Carey Davis For Mayor In San Bernardino – “Its Not Complicated”

Carey Davis For Mayor In San Bernardino – “Its Not Complicated”

Hardy L. Brown

Hardy L. Brown

AT&T has a series of commercials on television where a man sits at a table with small children and asks them a question. One of the children will respond with an answer that is out of the norm for adults but sounds logical to the child providing the answer. Then the commercial continues with “…It’s not complicated.”

As I have listened and read information about the race for mayor, I have concluded it’s not complicated.

San Bernardino is in court under bankruptcy protection because of bad policies and practices of overspending by past administrations over the years. Now we have former recalled city councilmember Wendy McCammack who says she has nothing to do with those practices but has been recalled from her council seat of twelve years and is in a run off for mayor.

As a councilmember she has caused professional staff to leave because she believed she knew more than them and would berate them in public. She has also made sure that certain employee groups would not share in the giving back to the city that has been needed to keep the city functioning on budget. I have also noticed she has to abstain from voting on many agenda items because so many businesses have become her clients over the past twelve years.

On the other hand, we have Carey Davis who grew up in the community and has raised his family here. He received his education here and believes in this community. He has spent his career as an accountant working for a large firm. You see Carey is a Certified Public Accountant, which gives him the training and experience to follow the money. He understands budgets and the ins and outs of how to set priorities of allocating funds to ensure city services for all citizens.

I have met with Carey and he is a very warm and personable individual who is new in the political arena, but he truly understands the job of mayor and what needs to be done to get the city back on track.

He is a man of integrity and will provide the city with the positive unifying leadership we need. The election of Carey Davis will send a clear signal to the bankruptcy judge and others who want to help San Bernardino city that we are serious about getting our financial house in order.

We have already made great strides in correcting the direction of the city by removing two council members and the city attorney so we cannot stop now.

To help Carey we also need citizens in the fourth and fifth wards to do the right thing by sending representation that is positive and has the interest of the city and not just their ward in mind.

Fred Shorett has demonstrated that his vision is greater than the fourth ward and he is willing to seek out alternative cost savings to provide services to the citizens. His recent actions to look at the cost of fire services, is an example of responsible leadership. He did not say he was in favor of contracting it out but wants to know if the same services can be provided at a cheaper cost.

So for me it is not a complicated vote on who should be mayor at this time. Vote for Carey Davis, a Certified Public Accountant who grew-up in the city, and a family man with a commitment to adopt inclusive policies for all citizens.

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