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Caltrans Seeks Drivers for Mileage Study

by admin on 28th-January-2016


Caltrans recently announced it is recruiting drivers to participate in a study of how far they drive as part of a study to determine the feasibility of replacing California’s gas tax with mileage fees.

The 36-cents-a-gallon state gas tax, considered outdated by many, only generates about 2.3 billion dollars of the approximate 8 billion dollars needed each year to repair and maintenance the state’s highway system. The gap may continue to widen as car manufactures produce more hybrid and electric vehicles and increase the mileage performance of standard vehicles.

Caltrans is seeking 5,000 volunteers to participate in the study as part of the state’s Road Charge Pilot Program passed by the legislature in 2014. The study is expected to last about nine months. For more information and/or to volunteer visit www.dot.ca.gov/road_charge/.

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