A human’s “Calling” in life is to be distinguished from the variously defined: (1) Occupation (“a taking possession”)–a broad term for any regular major serious work activity serving as ones livelihood or main interest..  (2) Career (“race course”)—the course of ones working life which requires special training to serve as the principal means of earning a living for necessities of ones life and ‘creature comforts’. (3) Task (“tax”) refers to a piece of work assigned to or demanded of someone, as by another person or by duty.  It usually implies the work is difficult or uses up much energy, although done in small amounts and at intermittent periods. (4) Trade (“trodden path”), a broader term than business, applies to any occupation or employment or work having to do with inventiveness and skilled work in industry, mechanical, construction, or handicraft–with the exception of farming, herding, ranching, and similar outdoor occupations. (5) Craftsmen (“carefully put together”) pertains to those skilled in the manual arts–in handwork or handiwork or handicraft–all referring to artful work done with the hands. (6) Employment (“services for hire”) connotes working for another whereas occupation may be working for oneself or for another. (7) Business may be employment or an occupation but having to do with mercantile (“buying and selling”) or commercial work (things produced to be sold).  It carries the idea that education and training are needed for most types. (8) Job (“piece of work”) is any “odds and ends” assignment or undertaking of a miscellaneous, temporary or permanent nature.   (9) Avocation (“call away”) is that which attracts one away from his/her regular work or pursuit. (10) Vocation (“spiritual calling”) implies a long-term commitment to something not necessarily equated with earning a livelihood for which one feels particularly well-suited and dedicated. (11) Hobby (“avocation to excess”), devotion of some people to a pleasurable pursuit bordering on the frivolous. (12) Specialization—small groups within occupations. (13) Work—any energy effort.

 A Calling–“summon to a way of life” = ones Purpose in life–is manifested by “Impulse”. Its Spiritual Life-Forces vibrations operate both in one Highest (Divinity) Self and in ones Lower Self “Animal Spirit” to spur one into think, feel, say, and do motions. A “Calling’s” Associates are ones Secret (Sacred) Dream, Talent, and Mission—all as sacred harmonious inseparables of Spirit and Matter. Spiritual Energy contained therein drives one to be mildly addicted: to education, training, and experience self-improvement in knowledge scope + infinitely widening horizons; to Courage for immediately correcting any defect in these, starting with oneself; to Diagnose all significant problems as well and Treat/Manage them; to maintain unwavering Compassion, Devotion, Sacrifices in doing Selfless Services; to descriptively convey efficiently/effectively what needs to be done to "Be Right," "Recognize Right," "Do Right," "Make Things Right," "Protect the Right," "Defend the Right," “Preserve” the Right,” and “Prevent the Wrong.” By so doing, ones “Heart” is exercised equally with ones “Head”–and nothing is more important for consuming ones time, energy, and efforts. The best portions of what one does have nothing to do with merely what one had been trained for. Instead, its Worth is upon exercise of an influence of the strong upon the weak, of the righteous upon the wicked, of the wise upon the foolish

Preparations for doing ones Calling require deep reflection on all obligations, duties, and responsibilities—as in having absolutely no greed for gain—nor thirst for fame—nor vain ambition. Such fashions “Self-Made” humans, with all time, energy, and effort dedicated to achieving Human Ideals, Principles, and actions. These continually deepen the depth and widen the scope needed to build upon ones Mission. These impart the “5Ss”—i.e. Safety, Security, Self-Confidence, Strength, and Stability; an uncompomising freedom from others concerns to do ones Calling as one knows it best; and the esteeming of these practices far more highly than the never fulfilling acquisition of riches, status, or fame. To be a Professional is to make the silent Self-Declaration(“I’ll do it no matter what”) to stay in the flow of ones dignified Selfhood Greatness—be a scholar pursuing learning in and of and for itself—while making all decisions and solutions out of that flow. By ones Calling being concerned with a special determined Conditioned “fitness,” out of which the Spiritual Elements spontaneously flow (by happenings of itself), makes a Calling a Profession. jabaileymd.com; JABLifeSkills; Theievoice.com

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