Board Elects New Chairman

Board Elects New Chairman

San Bernardino, CA

Last week the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors passed the baton of leadership from Third District Supervisor James Ramos to First District Supervisor Robert A. Lovingood. 

In a transition statement Ramos said, “As a lifelong resident of this county whose ancestors were the first people to call San Bernardino County home, serving as Board Chairman has been a great source of pride for me and my family. I would like to thank my colleagues, our county employees, and the residents of this great county for the support over these past two years. I look forward to continuing to work for the residents of the Third District.” 

As Chairman of the Board during the previous two years, Ramos collaborated with and received the support of many departments, outside agencies, and elected officials as he strived to ensure that the county continued to work toward a prosperous future for all residents.

An important part of the Board’s focus under his stewardship included strategies to end veterans’ homelessness in San Bernardino County in alignment with President Barack Obama’s initiative. After successfully housing more than 500 homeless veterans, the Board expanded its focus to target the chronically homeless including youth and families. Regarding this issue Ramos said, “I remain confident that we can dramatically reduce the rate of those affected by this epidemic by continuing to work together.” 

Also during his tenure, Ramos prided himself as an advocate for county employees. “It is with great pride that my last act as Chairman, the Board and the County CEO formed a Worker’s Compensation Taskforce made up of representatives from our largest employee unions: Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association, Teamsters, and Service Employees International Union as well as representatives from the County Administrative Office, Human Resources and Risk Management,” Ramos shared. 

According to Ramos, the Worker’s Compensation Taskforce will provide a forum for dialogue and assist the Board in understanding and addressing issues that affect employee access to benefits. 

Lovingood was selected to replace Ramos as Board Chairman by unanimous decision. First elected to the Board to represent San Bernardino County’s First District in 2012 and re-elected in November, Lovingood has previously served as the Board’s Vice Chairman. 

"I want to thank my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors for their support in electing me as Chairman," Lovingood said in a statement. "We have a strong Board of Supervisors and I look forward to building on that cooperation with the Board, the Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux and county staff." 

San Bernardino County Fourth District Supervisor Curt Hagman was selected to serve as the Board’s new Vice Chairman.

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