No matter how horrendous are ones inner turmoil and outer problems, there are two basic ways of clearing ones mind into a Peaceful state in order to start handling their causes. First is the long, sure way called the Check Method—i.e. start where one is, go back to clear up problems embracing ones good, bad, and ugly aspects, and then proceed to ones destination. The short-cut is to follow the Bridge Method—i.e. starting with where one is—and leave behind the mental mess as one goes straight ahead to ones Human Ideal Goals. The way this works is based on the principle that True conflicts arise when innate traits are contrasted in dealings with the outside world or are in conflict with acquired traits. Selfhood Re-Ordering occurs by making so strong ones inner traits as for them to overwhelm the outer situations and ones acquired ways of handling them. Focus first on spotlighting ones inner Law of Amen—i.e. a human’s original pre-birth state is one of profound Peace (i.e. Hetep, Nirvana) because of that mindset being unified with Unconditional Love. Our Ancient African Ancestors said about each human: “you were made in the likeness of a Peace that nothing can disturb. Reclaim your Peace that you may attain to your reasons for coming into existence—the enjoyment of life.” The core of this profound Peace is “Aliveness” which is over-flowing with: (1) unending Creativity, Inventiveness, and Innovation just for fun or to problem-solve; (2) Curiosity with an eagerness to "see what's behind that" for "no reason," to learn, to discover; (3) an urge to prove/disprove a point so as to get to the Truth; (4) a drive to become and remain mentally free; (5) a peacefulness that displays as Nonaggression (gentle, kind–not Aggressive, Passive, or Passive-Aggressive); (6) a natural stirring of Compassion (spiritual) as opposed to Sympathy (human-made); (7) Humor derived from non-harmful silly Imagination; and (8) a healthy Compulsion–implying such self-discipline as to have “second nature” impulses to "Be Right," "Recognize Right," "Do Right," "Make Things Right," and "Defend the Right". Children’s minds are geared to being “Excited” but when this persists into adulthood as a way of life, it becomes an addiction that blocks ones Intellect. 

So, what does require reassessing is ones assumptions about Pleasures/Pains + exchanging Crowd “Excitement” for Inner Peace. These 3 are conditioned states of Acquired Emotions about certain things. One cannot achieve Selfhood or Mental Mastery if one is manifesting Acquired Emotional conditioning at the same time. Pause to consider that ongoing enjoyment of Life (Happiness–a display of ones inner Primary Qualities) is very different from Things or Crowd “Excitements”. In contrast to “Aliveness,” Pleasurable or Painful things are typically not under ones own control—and both fade unless they continue to be nourished by Emotional Energy. Too much “Excitement” can lead one into hellishly bad situations—‘forever’–with its associated profound Pains—with its “Escapes” from ones Responsibilities to stop/prevent troubles as well as to be about Thriving/Well-Being. It is a false belief that engaging in “Me, me, me” things will bring Pleasure and avoid Pain. But today’s people are Conditioned into “Don’t Care.” The mid-C19 word “Conditioning” is the slow and cumulative experience process of changing the (instinct) normal into the (acquired) unique; the process of acquiring, developing, educating, learning, or training new responses in an individual to influences of the environment. Conditioning “instructs” the mind to react in a certain way—the ‘big picture’ of which gives some benefits—positive or negative. Ones habitual, emotional, and sensory responses are not representative of ones newborn human nature. [ref: Amen, MAATp97]

By contrast, since ones pre-birth emotions and mind are unconditioned and free, to return to them and discard ones Acquired Emotions enables one to rise above ones after-birth conditioning—especially transcending things feared, hated, envy, insecurities, worry. This is because only Acquired Emotions lead one to react to a given non-emergency situation. To acquire the state of not engaging in non-necessary responses to irritating situations, simply practice not “scratching the bump that itches” for as long as possible. Then, each time the bump itches, see if the time-waiting record can be exceeded. Meanwhile, keep reflecting on what are good alternatives to do in irritating situations. By paying no attention to all the problematic things going in ones mind, means they will die out in perhaps 28 days. Then one can assess where one is and start handling problems one at a time.

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