Our Ancient African Ancestors had a super-brilliant history of creations, inventions, discoveries, and such peaceful “ME/WE” social relationships over 198,000 years of humankind’s 200,000 year- history as to have had no jail, no police, or other problems which dominate today’s world. Such is deliberately unknown and nothing like it is taught in any major schooling system. Experiences of Black Americans at the hands of the cruelest and the most vicious oppressors Humankind has ever known has made them unlike any other people in history. And it continues to the present, but in modified forms. The true Black History story is unknown by all except for a “handful” of Black Scholars. I have studied it intensively for 50 years—written over 1500 articles and published 48 books on 200,000 years of Supreme Thinking from Black Minds. In 13 years of education and training after college, I have not seen any of this information available to anyone, anywhere. For this reason, I have published 9 dictionaries on Ancient African words and their concepts—the first of its kind in the world.

BRIEF HISTORY OF BLACK AMERICANS’ PROBLEMS: The basic problem started at the moment of the fishnet being thrown over free Africans in Africa to forever enslave them. This was followed by almost total brainwashing, using methods of horror that defy description—in fact, of such great magnitude as to turn the minds of most Enslaved “Inside-Out”. This included afflicted Enslaved reversing the first Law of Nature of Survival, Self-Protection, and Self-Preservation; losing interest in Self-Improvement; having had the Courage beaten out of them so thoroughly as to reduce them to an almost child-like state where some, to this day, beg the oppressor for protection—stand up to protect the oppressor—seek the style of education and self-defeating ways of the Non-Rational thinking oppressors–and imitate their oppressors to their own Selfhood destruction. 

In paraphrasing Huggins (Black Odyssey, p. 49), the Enslaved were dominated by burn-out leading to Off-Shoot problems and Mental Escapes. “The Slaves’ sense of personal tragedy and private misfortune was diluted and washed away as one became mixed with and overwhelmed by the lesser and the prior ones.  The Slaves were kept exhausted and underfed in body and spirit–too benumbed to hope for more than the end of the ordeal and of the nightmare”. For the Enslaved to entertain hope of eventually having a better life or having any comfort in the face of the reality of obvious contrary evidence would have been extremely anxiety producing. If self-help trying failed, their lives might be unbearable. Thus arose theproverbial saying: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick". It means it is worse to have had ones hopes raised and then dashed than to have been resigned to not having something—a self-defeating concept which crushes the entire idea of having anything like “The American Dream”. Instead, it is replaced with “Make Do” from day to day.

The effect of this, said Howard Thurman (Deep River, pp.  35-36, quoted by Bailey Sr. in "From African to Black Power"): "When the Slaves were taken from their homeland, the primary social unit was destroyed, and all immediate tribal and family ties were ruthlessly broken.  This meant the severing of the link that gave the individual African a sense of persona.  There is no more hapless victim than one who is cut off from family, from language, from one’s roots.  He is completely at the mercy of his environment, to be cowed, shaped, and molded by it at will . . ." 

Following slavery, the effects of being stripped of their religion, identity, language, as well as ways of thinking, feeling, expressing, and doing things, meant they no longer knew who they were, where they came from, or what they were about. They were steered into a “stay-in-your-place” struggling tunnel. Added to that was such miseducation as to cause them to cling to the Scam and Sham of what their oppressors told them about who both were as being true—things like their Supernatual God, Hell, and the Devil being real. Meanwhile, they were wandering around as a lost people—and still do many up to the present, called “Struggling Black Americans.” So many Black People were killed as to clog the flow of rivers. Lynching of Black People was a daily occurrence in my boyhood days in North Carolina. Yet, those Black People were the greatest people of any culture I have ever known. The disconnection that occurred among many Black People has never been repaired. The model for the dawn of rekindling Black People’s Genius is by use of the African Age-Set system whereby each teach each other and all serve as a “Check and Balance” to ensure staying in the flow of Right Life Living.

PURPOSE: So, I am completely dedicated to and focused on doing all I can to help “Struggling Black Americans” Unlearn every self-defeating thing they have been socialized into and taught in school. They must learn where to find the Human Ideals of African Tradition–of which they have never been taught and do not know exist. Such, only found in works of about five Black scholars, is necessary since those Human Ideals completely satisfy what is needed to have the ingredients for a Thriving and Happy life. That life focuses on “Lifting others while climbing” towards their Higher (Divinity) Selves. This is basically about Black Youth knowing how Selfhood Great they are at birth and are supplied with all they need to Succeed in their Talent and Mission as they go through life. 

TEACHING THEMES: Next is to teach youth how to think according to our Ancient African Ancestors’ Astro-Mathematically devised Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural —and not any other way! The two prominent ways Ancient African Sages taught their youth to remain in and produce “ME/WE” beneficial products are emphasized in all of my writings. First is by Affect Symbolic Imagery which refers to Spiritually oriented aspects of Metaphysical Knowledge explained by stories, specializing in mental pictures. In other words, Mental Picture Stories are intended to spur in each youth Mental Images to convey Spiritual Elements Principles in an Intimate manner that youth could Internalize for application to their “ME/WE” lifestyle orientation. 

Second is African Dialectic, renamed by Europeans to now be the Socratic Method. It is intended to give instruction on Right Life Living by expounding on the Spiritual Elements. Both, called the Ma’at Method, are the theme of Ancient African Philosophy. Neither are taught in today’s world to Black youth, despite this being the best way for them to learn.

Great attention would be given in learning where truthful information is located and how to selectively extract pertinent information out of racists’ presentations. It would be a group effort to decide what to present in ways most congenial. This concerns laying out patterns and guidelines for Thriving with a sense of Well-Being. Happiness is gained as a by-product of each youth discovering, developing, and finding the proper niche for her/his Talent. Here, consultants could be helpful in providing answers. An example might be to put Black History in a form of Rap for the public's benefit. An example of issues needing to be addressed include the scope of what being an Isolated Individualist (“I’ll do it my way”) is about and how can poor people rise out of poverty. Youth responsible for getting advertisements would require a team discussion on how to properly dress and speak; have a pleasant attitude; give good Service; and, in detail, show MANNERS. Students themselves would be responsible for all aspects involved in the project, as it was done in the African Age-Set System.

PROJECT: One idea for rising above the captors’ carefully planned “divide and conquer” methods, used to generate dissention between the Enslaved, is to have Black People to work together by the Unity in diversity Concept. This starts by going where youth mentally all are in the ‘here and now’—i.e. fashioning an Internet “Tow-Rope” for which they can hold to as a team. Their shared Unity is having an underlying Spiritual “Sameness” and being oppressed. Yet, each is Unique in their extreme Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Economic, and Ambitions which promote how they choose to use their individual Talents. This would call for an agreed upon student leader(s) whose job is to learn and convey African Tradition Language and Concepts to the team. Within a Black History major program, the project features an international Black History website designed to include all Black People on every rung of the Social Ladder, with special focus on those most struggling from no cause of their own. Within certain guidelines, the project is totally run by the students. Such gives them a voice for the Spiritual Elements coming out of their own hearts, rather than parroting what “authorities” say. 

As a team effort, students would go through Black History books (including mine) to learn about Ancient African and African American slavery as well as the modern Black Mind. No useful definitions nor concepts can be found in any European dictionaries or references—nor in any of their discussions about Black People for all of it is misleading. Students could teach each other what to look for—e.g. who is most credible in this or that. After a few “fact-checks,” they will discover it best to avoid the internet, Social Media, school or library textbooks, as well as ALL European literature and references. When ready, topics of concern to them could be discussed, including sharing what they learned–so the group could then decide what goes on the website. My contribution could be 800 (plus 700 on other websites) well-researched articles on Black People of Ancient times (including the Ancient African Bible—from which came borrowings for all the world’s major religions) starting 200,000 years back + of African American Slavery + post-slavery on up to today. 

One of the duties of students who desire to be of Selfless Service to their less fortunate fellows in the community would be to go into the poverty areas to find out from the people what are their problems. Data is brought back in order to talk with professors and classmates about the problems and the very best of what is most workable under the circumstances. Resultant suggestions could be carried to the community people as well as be put on the website for interested world readers. This involves the Black Community's major participation in dealing with: (a) lessening their most pressing problems; (b) creating, enhancing, maintaining harmony; (c) protecting/defending against losses, lacks, and obstructions; and (d) how to keep going “straight ahead” regardless of whatever. 

GENERAL PLAN: For all rungs of the Social Ladder, students could: (1) select Black History articles for the website and that provides an opportunity for all students to more deeply learn the subject, while sharpening their assessment and critical thinking skills; (2) this website would be a place where Black People anywhere could get truthful and complete Black History and otherwise help the world get realistic answers to its questions about Black People; (3) by appealing to Black People on different levels of the social ladder to bring their racial problems to light for discussion–an act of Black Community inclusion–chat rooms on the website could be set up to acquire ideas about their respective problems; (4) the public's problems could be answered by the student consulting appropriate teachers and discussing the answers among themselves before sending the answers to the Questioner; (5) gathered information could serve for group discussions on how to solve problems of the Black Community and, of course, those of the students personally; (6) in getting out in the public to gather information for website topics, students might be exposed to possible careers of which they had never considered; (7) other students might be spurred to do advanced studies in Black History and then teach; (8) intricate involvement in setting up and running an international website would provide transferrable approaches/methods/skills on setting up a business; (9) jobs and self-help postings would help serve Black People in most distress; (10) the website could continue indefinitely as new students replace those leaving at the end of the school year; (11) the website would be detached from the school so as to avoid any controversy; and (12) from working as a team, this is a way for them to keep in contact with each other over the years.

Apart from these, the center of the Black History International Website could receive world-wide recognition. I know people of the world are interested because on my former website—which was hacked six times—there were thousands of readers daily from 88 countries. The website could be financed by advertisements. Possible extensions of this project are On-line Classes and even a school run mainly by students. In short, this scenario would give Black youth an opportunity to uncover their birth gift of Selfhood Greatness (from being born in the Image of God). That alone may be what switches their direction in life towards their Mission. Also, by now having discovered who they are—and knowing their history—and their historical Personal Power means they would be sent as strong models throughout the “corners” of the world without fear of being deluded or mistaking activity for progress. Finally, they would give back to uplifting pieces of the Black Community.

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