According to Ancient African Sages, the Cosmic Organism consists of a series of all God’s creatures and creations. They are in an unseparated state resembling the joining of Siamese Twins. This means each of us originated by being Spiritually connected to everybody else. Since Energy is absent in this realm, every human is in a state of ultimate Serenity or Peace–a state Ancient Africans called Hetep; the Hindu, Nirvana; and Zen Buddhism, Satori. In 20,000 BC, after mathematically determining the Laws of Nature to be composed of the 4 Spiritual Elements—Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural, Ancient Africans used them as their Philosophy of Life to serve as foundations for every aspect of a human’s Life Living. One such Principle was to have good relationships with and good behaviors toward all non-evil people–a lifestyle congenial to the total health of all Ancient Africans. Just as Harmony occurs throughout the Universe, each of the human body’s numerous organs does its independent thing. Yet, all work interdependently to produce health for ones entire Body, Mind, and Spirit. Ones Mind is central to orchestrating all of this, including ones Heart. Ancient Africans said the Heart had 2 parts—one a muscular blood pump; the other the “womb of the Heart”. This Heart Womb–ones “SELFHOOD CENTER”–can be likened to a SPIDER WEB formed by an OCTOPUS. Imagine an Octopus to have Arms like a spider web. Those arms extend into the Cosmic Organism, into other People, into ones Mission, and into ones Self. Inside oneself, the webs extend into ones Soul and into the network of ones Brain/Mind. That network embraces ones Thoughts, Feelings (Instincts), pre-birth and Acquired Emotions, and Memory. The Selfhood Center connects Mentally and Physically to the body; Spiritually, to all in and out of the Cosmic Organism. The point is that to ruffle any web strand anywhere within a spider web is to disturb all of its webs everywhere. When one Selfhood part goes wrong, all team member parts are affected. Ancient Africans used their Instinct Brains as a means to stay in contact with Hetep and their entire Brain/Mind to do harmonious Life Living. As a direct Effect of African Enslavement, a Brain/Heart Switch occurred. Enslaved Africans thus switched their Life Living focus to be run by their Instinct Brains’ Emergency Survival—popularly known as “Fight, Flight, Fright”. This meant switching from wholistically using all of their Brain to relying solely on their Instinct Brain. That totally disorganized their “Selfhood Center.”

First, slavery’s horrors ensured each Enslaved Selfhood Center stayed in a Instinct Brain state and constantly pouring out Distress Hormones, such as Cortisol. The effect was to keep the body’s blood vessels, including those of the muscular part of the Heart, in chronic tension. Second, the excessive and prolonged continuous outpouring of Distress hormones tore down the body and thereby interfered with each body organ’s independent working. Third, complicating the unrelenting high “Alarm” Enslaved state and the tearing down of their bodies from Distress hormones was their chronic Anger/Rage/Fear/Spiritual Pain. That mindset led to overwhelming Hopelessness, Despair, and Desperation—each accelerating Selfhood destruction. Fourth, the addition of Despair and Desperation to the horrors of the daily lives of the Enslaved + their chronic Anger/Rage/Fear/Spiritual Pain exhausted certain of their hormone glands. Both the excessive output of Distress Hormones and the exhaustion of certain hormone glands put the functioning of each body organ’s independent working in ever increasing disarray. In turn, that generated great problems for the health of every part of the body—thereby making Fragile Selfhoods. Fifth, each disharmony in the Body, Mind, and Spirit collectively set-off, to various degrees, a tornado-like Cascade of simultaneous Spirit, Body, and Mind destructive forces—forces resembling a series of flashfloods disrupting humane Spiritual, Rational, and Physical networks in its path—network destruction which produced outputs serving as the in-put for destruction of the next part in each network. Also, networks between fellow Enslaved and with the African Homeland were destroyed. Sixth, resulting from this total Selfhood cascade was the “Negro Diseases”. Its name arose from certain organic problems–primarily of the cardiovascular system and its main organ partners. Being in disproportionately high numbers in the Enslaved and ex-Slaves, Dr. Finnerty Md, said: “Hypertension is different in Black people. It develops earlier in life, is frequently more severe, and results in a higher mortality rate at a younger age”. These features + persistency and consistency in high intensity and duration, characterize all “Negro Diseases” of unknown cause. Hence, from slavery’s beginning to the present, each of the “Negro Diseases”–alone (e.g. strokes, kidney disease) or in association with others–have contributed greatly to increased complications and premature mortality (by 8 years). For example, singer Natalie Cole died (12/31/15) from idiopathic pulmonary arterio-hypertension–a rare lung disease that resulted in heart failure. Seventh, slavery’s “no other choice” but “Soul Food” was a terribly unhealthy Diet. To varying degrees, that diet has persisted to the present and aggravates many Black People’s fragile health. Eighth, the horrors of Enslavement and subsequent Racism which led to Chronic Emotional Distresses + chronic Anger/Rage + Chronic Omnibus Brain overuse + the Distress Hormones–all directly affected the babies in the mother’s womb. This accounts for many of low birth weight or Stillborn + contributes to increased perinatal complications and premature mortality (by 8 years).

“NEGRO DISEASES” AFFECTING THE HEART. At no time during slavery, nor after emancipation, did Black People have the opportunity to recover from their “Alarm State”. To cope, they built a lifestyle around simple “MAKE DO” surviving. The Distress of this also contributed to Spirit, Mind, and Body Disharmony. Such is objectively indicated by bad health’s blood sugar imbalance; decrease in bone density; suppression of the body’s immune response making one susceptible to chronic inflammation (e.g. Lupus); reduction in thyroid function; slowing down the body’s metabolism; impairing the brain’s thinking ability; increasing blood pressure; and impeding circulation. Inadequate oxygen breaths cause severe chest pains and, despite normal blood pressures, one is more likely to develop coronary heart disease and to have a heart attack. While chronic Rage/Anger is fashioning “Negro Diseases” (e.g. gastric and respiratory conditions), superimposed acute and uncontrollable Rage/Anger can burst a brain artery (resulting in a stroke) or lead coronary heart disease into causing sudden death—or at least cause “lashing out” at ones children or mate. Black Americans have early arising signs and symptoms of inherited predispositions to hypertension, strokes, diabetes, morbid obesity, glaucoma, and cancer. Hormone caused “Negro Diseases” spur Eating Binges–compulsions for sweet foods–and weight gain to the point of morbid obesity by overstimulating the brain’s hypothalamus. These associations with hormone disorders gradually make many incapable of obtaining gratification from the common pleasures of life. Thus, they resort to “pleasurable” escapes–like alcoholism, cocaine addiction, impulsive gambling, and sexual conquests. Each puts layers of problems on ones Heart and ones life. Being a mortality risk is especially high for women and men who bottle up their Rage/Anger.

MANAGEMENT: Step I. Make Hetep a habit. Hetep is an inner Stillness and Peace inside the Quiet. What this was about came to my attention when I learned part of my heritage is Creek and Cherokee Indian. From researching them, I learned they strove to have a quiet inner and outer world—even walking so lightly in the forest as to not crack dry leaves. I copied that Quietness as a boy. It helps Thoughtfulness. Step II: The Orthopaedic treatment is to put a cast on all bad emotions or preferably, surgically cut them out of your system. There are no benefits to being Indifferent, Enraged, or Hate-filled. When you love yourself, you will not do harm to yourself or allow anyone else to harm you, if at all possible to prevent. The mental image for this is a Free Mind, as exhibited by Martial Artists. Step III. Stay in charge and control of yourself; what you do; and the situation you are in so as to take care of the “womb of the Heart”. To personally conform, I first decided to stop Blaming anybody for anything. The first year, 85% was eliminated; the second year, 10%; but it took 3 years to shed the last 5%. Next, to “damp-down” all emotional reactions and make them of short duration, I would give myself 30 seconds to rant, rave, and have self-pity. When time is up, I would say: “Now, I will resume self-control.” If there were more emotions, I wrote every little tid-bit out until nothing was left. After that, I worked to even eliminate the need for the rant. This is done by seeing things the way they are and people being who they are and doing what they do. “THAT’S THE WAY IT IS!” Step IV. With diligence, the brain’s capabilities related to “neuro-plasticity” (i.e. the brain changing with the type of learning to which it is exposed) can reverse all of these findings associated with Chronic Omnibus Brain overuse. List all your self-defeating habits—figure out Human Ideal replacements for each—and, starting with the most important first, replace each with the Bridge Method—go straight head to your Human Ideal Goal and starve your bad habits. Step V. Do the hard work to get the proper Diet. This is simple, but not easy. Step VI. Get appropriate and competent medical treatment. Step VII. As part of ones Mission, Focus modeling the Cosmic Organisms’ “ME/WE”.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor (by Sharon Bingaman RN)
1. How to spell my diagnosis
2. What should I look for
3. How will this affect my life
4. Any precautions I should take
5. If tests are ordered, specifically what will they tell you
6. When do I get the results and from whom
7. If a drug is ordered, side effects, cost, is there a less expensive alternative, side effects, interactions with other meds
8. Best way to contact you if I have a question or problem
9. Would you manage a family member with this treatment

Words from the Dalai Llama-Calm Minds bring Inner Strength and Self Confidence.

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