Beautillion Knights—A Season of Giving and Learning

Beautillion Knights—A Season of Giving and Learning

San Bernardino

The Beautillion Knights spent Christmas Eve at a local mission in the city of San Bernardino where they volunteered their time and brought good cheer to all. The young men were happy to lend a helping hand which included folding clothes, stacking shoes, organizing toys to be donated to the community and preparing food to be distributed to those with food insecurities.   

The Beautillion Knights are participants in a mentorship program sponsored by The Social Lites, Inc. of San Bernardino. The five-month extracurricular program centered around academic and community service projects, is focused on leadership, character, life development skills and health education for students of color from elementary to high school.  

This holiday season not only did the Beautillion Knights volunteer Christmas Eve at a local mission, they were also spotted on December 22, helping with the community Christmas Party for kids of all ages at the American Legion Post 710 where they helped distribute over 80 bikes—the bikes donated by the Social Lites, Inc. and other organizations. 

This annual Toy Give-Away brought tears and cheers to so many children and parents too. During the event a complimentary lunch was provided to over 150 guests. The celebration was a great way to bring the community together. 

Earlier in December, the Beautillion Knights attended a Kwanzaa event at Carter High School in Rialto. During the evening the young men had an opportunity to learn the history of Kwanzaa and the seven principles or “Nguzo Saba,” a set of ideals created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966—well before any of them were born. Each day of Kwanzaa emphasizes a different principle.  

Overall, the 2018 holiday season provided many wonderful opportunities for the young Beautillion Knights to experience the season of giving and learning in the community where they live and serve.

The Beautillion program will commence on March 30, 2019 at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino. For more information, please telephone chairperson, Mrs. Tina Darling at or Ms. Joyce Smith, President at (909) 881-5841 or Ms. Bettye Brewster, Business Manager, (951) 204-0022.

Header Photo: Beautillion Knights Community Service Christmas Eve

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