Although “Elements” are simply taught today as 118 chemical bodies being the primary constituents of Matter, the subject is infinitely more complex. “Element”—whether Immaterial, Intangible, or Tangible—carries ideas of being basic to what its mixture cannot do without + what cannot be further broken down. Yet, Ancient Africans Spiritually defined “Elements” as “First Principles” of God’s Primordial Substance. Such Cosmic Essence, within each of God’s creatures and creations, is Infinite Mind. Its Unconditional Love nature designs by itself, its reproducing of itself, to become the Thing it makes. That Substance/Essence/Spirit is the “Soul”—i.e. the Image or Spark of God–within each human and serving as ones Ground of Being. Its Properties consist of Endowments(i.e. natural qualities founded on the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural) and Propensities (in-born tendencies, like a given human’s capacities, abilities, and language). Both underlie all outward manifestations of Real Cosmic Creatures. A human’s Essence determines the Nature of how the properties’ operations manifest in that human’s Being-hood. Yet, those Properties consist of mosaic bits and pieces derived from the Interchange of ones Spiritual Elements. In Biology, Mosaics, called “Genes” ('producers' of a kind), are specific carriers of any hereditable factor, like parts of ones Talent. Mosaics, or Gene patterns, or a wave in the ocean, imply they have the same Elements–as provided by their parent Source. An Entity’s Genes–likened to shuffling a pack of cards–are customized arrangements. Resultant “Genes’” patterns are in right order to carry out its Essence’s Disposition. At birth, “Genes” are in different stages of development: some remain Static in the Background; some with dynamic potential; some acting immediately to impart necessary duties of its Qualities, strength, and characteristics of the nature of its overlying work products; some orchestrate control over a bunch of associated genes, each interdependently working for order in all of its Entity’s processes. Most form Mosaic Attributes of moving Elements of Essences throughout life.

Infinite varieties of Essence Essential’s mosaic arrangements/combinations evolve into multi-systems–ranging from the lowest form of Invertebrate life—the one-cell animal, Monera, which shows mind-directed behavior–up to the biggest mountain or ocean. In accordance to God’s Plan, Mosaics join into certain combinations to form Attributes of the Spiritual Elements. Whether within the Cosmos itself or within each Creature and Creation, those mosaic interactions, with each other + inside the whole Entity, emanate an assortment of Primary Qualities. Prior to producing any Cosmic “Thing,” all Spiritual Elements are Mathematically Ordered. And that Order is behind Europeans’ opinion of Cosmic Creation’s “Big Bang”. Still, they cannot explain how such was an orderly event, unlike all other explosions exhibiting a disordered and random form (Amen, Meter Neter II: 50). Nevertheless, Ancient Africans, thousands of years earlier, inferred the Spiritual Elements birth Divine Archetypes. They produce Prototypes, the Material-realm-makers, and are composed of four Metaphorical Elements representing Reality: (1) “Earth” (collects energy together); (2) “Water” (moves energy around by attraction and separation); (3) “Fire” (brings heat in and out of energy); and (4) “Air” (decays and extinguishes energy). Everything existing in the world is the result of these four factors functioning together with varying degrees of combinations. Thus, “Death” is called “the separation of four factors.” 

Using Subjective and Objective Science applied to Observations in Nature, they determined all Creatures and Creations contain Carbon and that this key atom found in all living matter of our world, is linked with other carbon atoms to form black melanin. Later, Ancient Africans discovered interrelationships of native elements—e.g. carbon, sulfur, gold–from which they extracted elemental copper, tin, lead, iron, etc. Applying this to Cosmology (studies of Cosmic Structure and Laws + the manner of their creation), Ancient Africans fashioned concepts concerning good/bad Causes, Effects, and Consequences. All arise out of their three foundational Right Life Living “Triad”: Metaphysical Order, Metaphysical Chaos, and Metaphysical Disorder. Metaphysical Disorder, though amoral, is able to benefit ones World View; or to cause one to "go astray," become lost," veer from correct behavior by disconnecting from the Spiritual Elements.; JABLifeSkills;

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“ME/WE” is an: "All for One, One for all" concept of African Zulus, called Ubuntu. The Nguni Bantu define it as connection of all “Humanity”—meaning its “Sameness” creation is the Cosmic Force. They translate it as: “I am because we are”; or “Humanity towards others”...


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The System of the Natural World is an Approach (the way) concerned with created Beings functioning as vehicles. From them, Mathematically Structured Things will come into Existence (African, “Essence,” to be as absolutely necessary and with a customized...

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