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Another Inland Community Frustrated with Warehouse Development

by admin on 16th-February-2017

Riverside, CA

Proposed site for the 1.4 million sq ft warehouse project

Developer, Hillwood Enterprises, and property owner, Magnon Cos., want to build two warehouses at the north end of the Sycamore Canyon Business Park in the City of Riverside. The proposed 1.4-million-square-foot distribution center, like many such projects across the region, is facing strong resistance from some residents in the community. 

The industrial park is located between the 215 Freeway and the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park. Hillwood Enterprises and Magnon Cos. want to construct a two-building facility on the remaining vacant piece of land in the business park. The area in question abuts the residential community of Sycamore Highlands and the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park on the north and west sides. 

The concerns expressed by residents living in Sycamore Highlands have joined the chorus of other inland communities similarly faced with warehouse developments in their areas. Among those universal concerns are issues like increase truck traffic that could add to poor air quality in the area. In regards to this development, noise is also an important concern because the closest building would allegedly be as close as a hundred feet from residential property lines. 

To help mitigate this concern, the developer has offered to build an extra sound wall. Reportedly, however, the wall would encroach on the homeowners’ properties and not Sycamore Canyon Business Park land. Some members of this community, have expressed sentiments like those expressed by citizens embroiled in similar warehouse conflicts across the region—they are worried their city council has sided with the developers. 

Tuesday evening the Riverside City Council narrowly approved the development.

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