Pride in Black People arose from each in my boyhood all-Black community. They were experts in Manners, in mutual Help, and in creating, enhancing, and maintaining Harmony. Because of being Compassion Based, these I call Afrocentric Scholarship from Spiritual Emotions (pre-birth Emotions; Spiritual Feelings).Compassion means that by “Knowing Thyself” to be a Spark of God and having a Selfhood Greatness sense, one has intimate Personal Power with all of God’s creatures and creations within Spiritual Realms. Compassion is based upon the Ancient African Bible Law that the "good one does to another is done to ones Self, because "All is One and One is in All"—with the “All” being the Cosmic Spiritual Force, Sekham. Just as Creativity and Originality are Cosmic nature essentials, so are these “Heart” displays a feature of Afrocentric Scholars. The Ancient African word “Courage” refers to the “Heart”—a metaphor for ones innermost Feelings, mixed with Circumspection related to Just Causes. It pours Life and Spiritual energy into ones Metaphysical Passions. Powered by “Aliveness” (a Spiritual Energy feature) and tempered “Excitement” (a pre-birth Emotions feature), Metaphysical Passions eagerly urge one into ones birth gift Calling. Ancient Africans considered Metaphysical Passion to be an indivisible duality (like two sides of a coin). On one side it promotes Good and motivates reducing acting “ugly.” On the other side, it serves as an alarm to threats, disturbances, and dangers to ones Spiritual, Mental, and/or Physical Human Nature Needs. Both sides join Foresight (seeing ahead) soForethought can plan for best “ME/WE” results by minimizing or preventing the bad, while restoring or paving a way to the Good. These “ME/WE” actions demand “Purity of Heart"—i.e. no “me, me, me” secret ulterior motives or deceptive hidden agendas. Good is done simply because it is the Right thing to do and never to get compliments. I was taught that compliments are not deserved for doing my duty—only for the extra Good Things. The way to determine ones degree of “ME/WE” success is by African Reciprocity–“the reward from ones acts comes by unknown Receivers doing beneficial “ME/WE” acts.

The partner tool of Spiritual Emotions is ones Intellect. The focus of Intellect Scholars is daily exhibiting the Courage to reach their Selfhood Greatness potential. That imparts a sense of Freedom to know and demonstrate they have the power to clear all losses, lacks, and obstacles in strivings to make the most of themselves. Necessary to such strivings is to know ones historical Seeds and Roots. These have been stolen from Black People or hidden, misrepresented, and rewritten as part of intense reprogramming into self-defeating mindsets, stereotypical degradations, and poverty. These result from a hate-filled people’s fears and profound envy of the incredible historical achievements of Black People. The distance Black youth are from life-shaping and life-changing scholarship is measured by their knowing infinitely more of sports and entertainment than about their Ancient African and Black American scholars. That is by design of Satanists in charge of all aspects of the World. Nothing taught in the formal education system is Truth because the “lesson determiners” do not know the Truth, do not want to know the Truth, do not want Black People (or anybody) to know the Truth, and do all they can to hide, convert, or erase the Truth. To flip this into acquiring Truth is the obligation, duty, and responsibility of Self-Made Black Scholars. No one will help in this tough job. All formal textbooks, all of television, all of Flashing Light gadgets, all of the Social Media, all Trinkets and Trivia are designed to prevent a “flip-over” to Truth. Each of these ‘weapons’ make people dumb, incompetent, and so socially and mannerly distant from people as to generate “Mass Insecurity,” Self-Absorption, and chronic defensive hostile attitudes.

Absolute foolishness is to expect “right” teachings from enemies–to beg enemies for their protection—to conform to enemy ways—to expect Spiritual Elements expressions when enemies are dedicated to attacking all Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural aspects as a way of life. A major oversight is failing to believe who enemies say they are—i.e. Supernatural Phantoms. Their Supernatural claims, say the [European] Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2-520), are only figments of the imagination, nonexistent–indeed at the bottom of priestly inventions designed to keep men ignorant of the ways of Reason and Nature. To reclaim ones ability to soundly think on ones own immediately sheds the enemy within ones Selfhood so as to be untouched by enemies without.

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