Man, Know Thyself” was written on Ancient African temple walls 14,000 years ago. So as to achieve Mysticism (Feeling interrelated with all creatures and thus having access to God), “Know Thyself” was taught in Egyptian Mystery Schools as ones vital pre-birth Cosmic Organism origin. This required discovering under-lying’s and surroundings of what all is natural about oneself so as to discover what is natural within oneself. Amazingly, Ancient African Sages said the Cosmos and a human female’s single fertilized egg cell formation and reproduction had identical patterns. Before a cell actually reproduces itself into a separate state–called Mitosis–half of its ingredients move to opposite poles within the same cell—called Meiosis. Inside the Meiosis state, all God’s creatures and creations are Virtually joined—each possessing God’s Substance. Africans’ Organic word “Virtual” originally meant an Essence (“what it is”) when it came into existence—an immature, undefined, undifferentiated, unformed, patterned Being. It contains an Ordered Disposition (its “what and why” message) and the Essentials of a Character, Characteristics, Traits, and Features so as to fully display the Essence. Imagine each amorphous (i.e. without form) creature and creation being like a different colored pipe–each connected to the others so water (God’s Substance) would run through them, all at the same time. Now suppose every pipe has a special position on a Web, thereby making it a Web of Associations of independent items working interdependently in accordance with God’s plan. In short, each Web strand’s interrelationships is like a link connecting each member’s “Uniqueness” into God’s plan. The Web of “Sameness” represents God’s inner Spiritual Elements nature—the “Genetics” present in each of the Cosmic Organism Family. So, the “WE” pipes connected to the “ME” pipe fashion the “ME/WE”—and “forever.” Since the water running through the pipes equates to Compassion, one feels Harmony when “ME/WE” is in Order or Disharmony when any of the Web is disturbed.

Similarly, whatever out of the flow of the Cosmic Organism Rhythm the “ME” does or fails to do affects all Web strings. This crude idea of “Virtuals” in a Meiosis state transforms in human newborns into a “Non-Self” while remaining in the Earthly “ME/WE” Web. A “Non-Self” has the obligation/duty/responsibility to discover and conform to the underlying web of relationships operating in Nature throughout the Cosmos. As a result, its “ME” aspects are then able to transcend into the Sublime’s reality flow—a natural flowing part of Cosmic Knowledge—a flow in which one recognizes ones own Being as a vital to the All (i.e. “Oneness” within the Cosmic Mind). Here, in the “ME/WE” Sublime realm, Knowledge is known without proof. Benefits from that Knowledge have nothing to do with Materialism characterizing ones Lower Self or with the European Supernatural. Being in this infinity of Knowledgeallows one to discover new insights about any Spiritual Elements’ attribute; see ones old blind-nesses to the obvious; and acquire new perspectives upon hearing old Wisdom over and over. 

Higher striving paths result from now being able to see the Common in the Uncommon or see the Uncommon in the Common. Every advancement expands ones Consciousness from the inside out and toward the Eternal. Thereafter, layers of coverings are removed from Esoteric Knowledge (i.e. “ME/WE” secrets) on the way to apprehending richer meanings in each new insight concerning ones Selfhood within the sum of the Cosmic Whole. Each new meaning gives more in-depth understanding of Spiritual Elements Principles (pieces of Truth and its Unchanging Reality) which, in turn, peels away another top covering layer. This entire process is one of Synthesis whereby the “ME/WE” whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Such is illustrated each time I repeat the study of a difficult topic by drawing on new sources for new ideas. Then, repeated reflections on the acquired ingredients + manipulating and maneuvering them into different arrangements and combinations gives wider scopes of understanding of the topic and asides associated with the topic. Most of these improve my insights into like-kind things—into Options—and into Creative handlings of problems never seen nor heard of before. The results "Feel" right in ones Selfhood Center–a “Feeling” known to be from ones Pure Emotions because it spurs “Aliveness”—a Spiritual Energy continually urging one to Self-Improve for “ME/WE” purposes and to develop “ME/WE” Harmonious products out of

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