Our Primitive, Very Ancient African, and Ancient African Ancestors had Common Sense which fashioned Wisdom. This Wisdom was created, enhanced, and maintained by the amassing of thoughts and experiences flowing in and arising out of the Spiritual Elements of Unconditional Love, Truth, Reality, and the Natural. After mathematically discovering certain Laws of Nature in 20,000 BC, one of their derived inferences was that humans were created to serve as the vehicle (Divine Consciousness and Will) through which God can come into the world and walk around God’s creation, indulge in it, and assess it. This vehicle is the Instinctive Lower (animalistic) Self Faculty. It resides in the Life-Force division of a human’s Selfhood Being, and is governed by unchangeable Laws to enable Humans to be in Harmony with the Cosmos. But the minds of humans must be programmed to harmonize with the Laws which govern the Cosmos—Laws deposited in a human’s Divine Spirit—called, in African Tradition, the Ba, the Khu, and the Shekhem. In the Divine Spirit resides the Self’s Divine Consciousness and Will + the Laws enabling the mind to think in harmony with the Life-Force (the faculty mediating with the world). Here, the Mind is intuitively informed of the Laws governing every situation in which one is involved. This means Spiritual life is living according to Divine Laws (Amen, Metu Neter III: 31). Since these Laws were mathematically derived, implying they are laid out from mathematical patterns of the Cosmos, this is Metaphysical Mathematics, meaning it is knowledge of permanent intellectual relationships. Yet, it is based upon stated, unproven premises or axioms and requires elaboration by use of illustrations and symbols belonging to the Physical World. By contrast, Qualitative Mathematicsexamines Premises to seek the ultimate Principle on which they all depend.

Ancient Africans inferred from Qualitative Mathematics (Hodge, Racism p100) that the origin of the Cosmic Organism containing all of God’s creatures and creations is by the Spiritual Elements Genetics. Thus, each Entity has “Sameness” with Uniqueness,” as demonstrated by Crystals. By exhibiting its material state as atransparency, “Crystal” is a word special for representing Things which illuminate Metaphysical aspects of the Laws of the Spiritual Elements. Here is a manifestation of the conjunction of opposites in a paradoxical state–meaning Matter 'exists' but it is as if it did not exist because one can see through it. Incredibly, Ancient African Sages apparently knew this and built their Logic thinking structures of Common Sense and Knowledge on Principles similar to how Crystals are put together. What Crystals Areis a homogeneous portion of Matter which, like African Logic, follows a solid mathematical formulation. Understanding this is crucial for gaining clues as to the different thought patterns of Ancient Africans and today’s struggling Black Americans (or any of those in the African Diaspora having been oppressed into submission and dominated by Europeans). Just as the same basic elements are used in different types of Crystals, what makes them different is being arranged and combined uniquely.Some crystals consist of certain kinds of atoms, called ions, carrying a positive or negative charge; some are made up of groups of atoms bonded to form molecules. Thoughts are like Crystals.

Crystal shapes are built of many tiny crystal units of the very same shape. They start by the first particles coming close together and producing a unit cell–just like bricks are units making up a brick wall—and just like Percepts forming Ideas that produce Concepts and Thoughts. Other unit cells form on all sides of the first to start the process of growth. Similarly, Memory and Apperceptions (the result of bringing together a mass of ideas already in the mind to thereby form a new perception — a sort of synthesis of related memories in ones mind) are what make a Thought Structure grow. Both processes are like families coming together to create a unified village. By possessing an orderly and repeated atomic structure, they share certain general properties, as in having a sharp melting point (compared with the melting range of amorphous substances, e.g. glass). The same applies when any ingredients of African Logic having Correspondence (“equivalence”) are brought together. An illustration of Correspondence, which allows Truthful Inferences to be made, is that although rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, and oceans have different names, what makes them “equivalent” is they all contain water. This is Logical Thinking’s pattern and method of African Tradition

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Philosophy Of Life

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