In a flurry, Ancient Africans (c20,000 BC) were searching for whatever it took to achieve and maintain academic excellence. Their ‘blind date’ with unrealized Realities was with enthusiastic minds bent on never neglecting extraordinary appearances or happenings–improving the common-place for possibilities of one leading to a significant advance–elaborating on, at the place of their greatest astonishment, the unexpected—by analysis of the obvious, discovering laws on which their lives rested–re-examining assumptions on which their current thoughts and actions were based–and actualizing Principles by discovering the equations between what was like-kind in their essences. Research was successful when they could make two questions grow where only one grew before. Their sea navigation philosophy was that new places are not discovered without losing sight of the shore for a very long time. Perhaps that is when Africans first came to the Americas. Very Ancient African priest-astronomers laid out paths for these occurrences by studying the sky in general and searching for “Lucky Stars” in particular. The aim was to mystically acquire Nature’s messages so as to design openings to sharpen their minds to Truth and Unconditional Love while expanding their awareness of Reality and the Natural.  They noted God appears in Nature as both the Sun and Moon—both giving off Halos (Nimbus, Aureole)—i.e. a luminous circle—symbolizing a visual expression of irradiating physical, Intellectual, and/or mystical Spiritual forces. From this they inferred that metaphorically the "Cosmic Star" featured in the "Star/Halo" Conceptrepresents the Amenta (God's Cosmic home), while the Cosmos itself is its "Cosmic Halo"–that the "Cosmic Star" represents God’s Substance and the Halo pertains to what radiates out of that Substance—and that a human's Soul is to the "Cosmic Star" as a human’s Astral "Heart" is to that Star's Halo, accounting for Wisdom.

Meanwhile, from African women beginning agriculture in c20,000 BC and then African farmers threshing its grain by driving a team of oxen round and round over sheaves of wheat on the ground came the word "Halo". Very Ancient African priest-astronomers adopted this concept to describe the auras of refracted light around celestial bodies (e.g. Stars, Planets, Moon, and Sun). African Sages analogized that since Halos reflected the Substance (Essence) of the Unknowable Cosmic Force, Sekhem. Then, like the star’s Halo and auras, that Substance’s Un-Seen/Seen manifestations (e.g. Spirit Guides, Plants) could be known. “Halos,” rather than indicating what something looks like, simply reminded them of their birth possessions from being a Spark of Sekhem. Realizing power of broadening their minds came from reflections out of the Sekhem "Star" that they, themselves, represented, enabled them to remove mental boundaries + leap communication barriers + establish Order + investigate systematically and truly all under their observation. Next, their time, energy, and efforts were symbolized by a “Circle” because a “Circle” conformed to the Halo around the Cosmic Mind. Hence, they inferred Un-seeables from the Seeable Things having Order and consistent Patterns. So, ‘Sameness’ had to be underlying natural events in life-shaping and life-changing matters. Staying with ongoing observations and increasingly complex patterns of information required developing Mathematics.

Also, celestial bodies’ Halo variations led Ancient Africans to think the nature of Images formed by them in the Universe + those formed in their minds differed, depending upon whether a given one embraced one or more planes of existence. “Houses of Life”—i.e. Very Ancient African Temples of Learning–are where Sages, Seers, and  Priest-Astronomers gathered to discuss and explore Nature's “Order” and it relationship to their daily living customs. Since this was about “giving oneself” to learning intimate Spiritual Elements details concerning God’s Laws + by having the opportunity for, and to be occupied in it + using those aspects to gain insights all distilled onto originating “Scholars.” Their “Self-Return to inner Home” for Cosmic Knowledge Searching referred to going round in a Wholistic Circle to do “research,” “examination,” or “exploring”. From this came ideas, once all non-essentials had been removed, of Scholarly “searching” to locate a problem’s circle–find its center–and determine its essence. The Essence/Essentials–the “Seed” of what is Real and True + Principles are prime factors African Logical thinkers use within the Spiritual Elements for decisions and solutions.

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