The single most powerful teaching tool for Black youth is now, and always has been, Affect Symbolic Imagery (ASI). ASI’s origin dates to Very Ancient African Sages’ discovery of hidden powers or determinations of life-shaping or life-changing creations from seeing involved Things’ interrelationships with each other. ASI was formed by African Groits need to explain newly arriving African Tradition concepts to African People. Their style was like flashing a bulb to illuminate key Principles—a style following alternate paths to Truth—flashbulbs composed of Figures of Communication(FOC). All African FOC are Supernatural Fantasy Language—e.g. “Personification” (fashioning a “person” form to symbolize abstract or lifeless things). FOC tell stories, or present situations, meant to be taken at face value and to be understood in terms other than those actually described.  Based upon the mind’s inborn nature to form mental pictures, putting mental Images into words makes for Surrealism in Afrocentric minds—i.e. joined internal reality and unreality ideas–ideas projected externally—ideas that fuse with human-made pertinent external Things. Such Surreal FOC meshing of fantasy Mental Images with the realistic Message is done by erasing boundaries and disregarding limitations of human thought normally separating them. To this product, ASI “carves” features of “Style”. “Style” is Art with, at its core and as its medium, the element of “Play”. Both enable Afrocentric minds to get through barriers of what is otherwise perceived to be difficult. FOC, a device of Style, spotlights Thought (a system of symbols standing apart from Reality) involved in comparisons between Things sharing an Essence when they all came into Being-hood. FOC enhances viewing something in terms of something else—typically as seeing similarities in the apparently dissimilar. By both Things having Correspondence, one can tell something about one Character as considered from the point of view of its Complementary Equal Character—a something otherwise Unknowable. The most distinctive Characteristic of those Characters’ manifestations—e.g. a pattern, situations, structure, nature, acts, roles, processes, events—are what initially attract them for comparison. Despite both Things being Uniquely different, the Underlying shared Harmony sought and found is the “This-ness of a That” or the “That-ness of a This.” 

This-ness” is the Essence’s “what it is” and Primary Qualities in the “here and now” as it came into existence. “That-ness” is the Thing’s specificity, individuality, and 'here/now-ness'. The FOC consists of Tenor (the whole Disposition’s meaning in context) and a Vehicle (the delivery device). Synthesis involving the Surreal gives a more varied toti-potence of powers than can be ascribed to either alone. Totipotent means capable of giving a Sentiment (a pertinent thought wrapped in a Pure Emotion) existence to any ray the Essence is capable of producing. As opposed to European’s Supernatural of the Non-Rational Serious Business Fantasy type, African Tradition’s Supernatural FOC is mystic in its childlike word-play. Hence, by being a partly ASI Message and yet having Qualities separable from the Message, ASI is basic to mentally Visualizing and extracting Messages out of what is Synthesized. The impact of the ASI Message displays as an explosive shock of recognition to Black youth’s attentive minds. Still, its Quantitative Message is the most accessible, though not the only one. Because of its Toti-potency abilities to make unsuspected and novel connections, as noted in the progression of a dream, one can relate ASI Messages to oneself; to the Sender; to “ME/WE”; to others; or into uncontrollable, irrational, illogical, incongruous funny or horrible Fantasy realms of “Escape”. 

When African Sages decided the most significant Knowledge was in need of a “telling” to the people, it was described, using FOC and Symbols, as “Instructions”. In contrast to FOC, Symbols emphasize similarities with what they represent + generate their own meaning + follow their own discourse in elaborating on its Referent (i.e. things to which ones words or Symbols refer). That is the purpose of Symbols in such FOC forms as a Metaphor extended beyond paragraph confines, like in Parables, Fables, or Allegory literary forms. Instruction is the piling of Knowledge into Receivers’ minds through the vehicle of stylish informational Playful ASI surrounding the core message. By so doing and compared to what is like-kind in the FOC, the ASI message can go broader, deeper, and higher than words or thoughts alone. This is because ASI, FOC, and Symbols are sufficiently suggestive to touch and awaken the Truths already present in a human’s Soul, “Heart,” or “Head”. Words cannot describe this desired message impact fully, except when wrapped in ASI. After that combination is “Felt,” it fully penetrates into Receivers’ Mysticism Minds (minds having the ability to intensely concentrate their Intellect Reasoning into their Pure Emotions). When skillfully disciplined, Mysticism Minds harmonize its irrational and incongruous ingredients so as to organize and illuminate the contained Spiritual Elements’ ASI Message. FOC delivers Knowledge in Supernatural Information form by embracing the involved mental ingredients and meshing the spotlighted messages with embellishments so as to ease the sliding into an Apprehension (grabbing the “This-ness” through the senses, mind, and/or instincts) of what has heretofore defied clarity.  

Within the involved “big picture,” ASI, Symbol, and FOC’s powers fill transitional areas between what is and is not grasped by Apprehension. Each creatively does this with its own cup of fancy meanings–and in conjunction with its “dematerialized” boundaries–and without diluting or polluting the original message. This results in a striking and sudden fashioning of a connecting and meshing Link for two unlike appearing Things—even Things remote from one another in Character and yet have Correspondence through their “This-ness.” That meshed Link consists of a Synthesis which makes for an easy apprehension—i.e. the grasping and taking hold of the “big picture” through the senses and the mind and/or the instinct. To enhance full understanding and appreciation for the ASI Message, African Griots (storytellers) used “Personification”. The Goddess Ma’at is an example of having left an evolving and lasting Symbolic and ASI impression on all of today’s world societies. jabaileymd.com

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