About My Wife, Assemblymember Cheryl Brown

About My Wife, Assemblymember Cheryl Brown
Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

Hardy L. Brown. Photo by Benoit Malphettes

If you live in the 47th Assembly District you know how important your vote is on next Tuesday June 7th. It is my hope that many of you have already voted by mail, but just in case you have not I want you to consider returning Cheryl Brown to carry on the good work she has started. Her common sense pragmatic approach to solving problems is refreshing. Her concern for Inland Empire residents led her to support them being able to drive to work and keep gas prices low. 

I know you have received many campaign mailers from one of her opponents with incorrect or misleading information. For example in a 1985 issue of the Sun Newspaper, one of her opponents was complimenting herself in an ad that said she was “on the Board of Directors of a newly formed Community Health Center”. In a recent campaign mailer, the same woman claims she was “a co-founder.” Then in another piece of her campaign materials, she said “helping to create the Inland Empire Community Health Center.” In reality, this woman was recruited by the health center founder Art Forbes to serve on the Board of Directors. Her claims are misleading. 

There are many more misleading or inaccurate statements made in these mailers, for example they stated Cheryl’s trip to Hawaii was a junket, never saying she and many other members were there to learn about several industries. And with her work with senior citizens, now as Chair of Aging and Long Term Care, one of the workshops included a researcher’s work on “Brain Mapping.” Armed with that knowledge, her work on behalf of seniors has garnered her awards from the California Alzheimer Association and AARP. 

One thing I can say about Cheryl is she does not have to embellish, mislead or fabricate what she has done or is doing. Her record of working on behalf of the people of this region spans five decades. 

Cheryl is and has always been a Democrat, but she has known and worked with both Democrats and Republicans long before she ran for the Assembly in YWCA where she served on the board, Girl Scouts when she was a leader for 10 years, and during her 17 years as a planning commissioner, among other organizations. 

I did not mean to talk about the 47th Assembly District but I had to comment on all the lies and misleading information that has flooded my mailbox everyday. I also offer my June 7th Voters Guide.

June 7th Voters Guide

vote ballot box

Hillary Clinton, U.S. President 

Kamala Harris, U.S. Senator 

San Bernardino County 

  • Pete Aguilar, 31st District U.S. Representative 
  • Norma Torres, 35th District U. S. Representative 
  • Cheryl Brown, 47th Assembly District 
  • James Ramos, 3rd District Supervisor 
  • Josie Gonzales, 5th District Supervisor

Riverside County 

  • Mark Takano, 41st District U.S. Representative 
  • Richard Roth, 31st Senate District 
  • Jose Medina, 61st Assembly District 
  • Chuck Washington, 3rd District Supervisor

47th Democratic Central Committee 

  • Rafael Trujillo 
  • Carol Robb 
  • BarBara Chavez 
  • Maricela Ferguson 
  • Joe Britt 
  • Sari Garcia

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