Saxophonist J. Boykins

Saxophonist J. Boykins

J. Boykin

J. Boykin

Born, J. Anton Boykin, J picked up a saxophone and began playing at the age of eight. His parents knew that this child prodigy was destined for stardom. A native of Riverside California, J’s musical career began in middle school when he had the opportunity to perform in China with his school band. Before long, he was performing on stages all over Southern California.

Now at 24, J is a seasoned performer and has shared the stage and opened for such musical giants as: John Legend, Gospel artist Shirley Caesar, singer/songwriter/actor/activist Harry Belafonte, and many more. In 2011, he landed a recurring role as a musician on the Fox Television Series, “Glee”. His music can also be heard on soundtracks for Robert Townsend Productions’ “A Night on the Townsend” and recently in the BET movie “In the Hive” also produced by Robert Townsend.

Besides performing, I am happy that I have been able to reach back and help other young musicians like myself.
I recently launched J Boykin Music Group (JBMG) with the mission of encouraging people of all ages to pursue, not only their music dreams, but inspire them to set goals for their future.

We offer classes in audio recording and artist development as well as private lessons for woodwind, percussion, vocal, acoustic/electric guitar, piano, brass and base instruments.

We also offer an educational success program that includes private tutoring in all subjects as well as SAT and college prep courses.

Our motto is simple: “Each one, Teach one”.

I believe we can best help the community by providing the tools to turn dreams into reality and aspirations into success.

I encourage anyone interested in checking us out to stop by. We’re located at 3257 Market St. #5, Riverside, CA 92501, Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Classes are by appointment only. Or call us: 951-742-7097.

Boykin’s latest project, “Pink Sand” will be available this summer. He will be hosting a CD Release concert, “Jazz at the Box” on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013, at the Fox Entertainment Plaza’s newest venue, The Box, located at 3635 Market St., in downtown Riverside. Special guests confirmed include American Idol Top Ten Finalist Jacob Lusk. To purchase his music go to For information about J Boykin CD Release Party “Jazz at the Box” contact JBMG or visit

As told to Natasha Simone Ferguson

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