15 Min With … Mike Soubirous, Newly Elected Riverside City Councilman

15 Min With … Mike Soubirous, Newly Elected Riverside City Councilman

Our People Are Our Number One Asset

Mike Soubirous, Riverside City Councilman

Mike Soubirous, Riverside City Councilman

One of my many goals as City Councilman is to bring more openness and transparency to City Hall. Our people have a right to know what is going on, where their tax money is being spent and what major plans are being undertaken.

I want to include everyone in the process – or at least as many people who are interested – of voicing opinions about these issues. Our people, residents and taxpayers deserve this. Everyone should have their voices and opinions heard with matters facing our city.

I believe our people are our number one asset. They work hard, contribute taxes and live with the outcome of their elected official’s decisions. Sadly, only about 18% of our registered voters – those even eligible to vote – exercise that right to make their choices heard. We need to encourage more participation at the voting booth. I hope to bring a renewed interest in what government does and how it affects our people’s daily lives. The best way is through effective and timely communication. I hope to be able to bring relevant information to our residents in order to inform them of the City’s business. I hope to make this information easy to understand and not presented in a way that clouds the issues with my opinions.

I will ensure there is an open door policy – one of accessibility and availability to all people – so when you call or need your councilperson to meet with you – I will do just that. Returning calls, emails and requests for information should be a councilperson’s number one priority and will be with me.

Over the past few years, we have been losing good paying jobs to other cities, other counties and states. We’re not replacing lost jobs as we should be. Without jobs and a vibrant economy, our families will suffer and vital city services will be in jeopardy. On top of this, our residents spend far too much time commuting to other counties for good paying jobs. They work and spend dollars there. We must do what it takes to keep our people working and spending in Riverside.

Less time on the road means more time with our families – and a better quality of life!

It’s time to update policies that will encourage businesses to locate or expand in Riverside. Needless regulations and delays should be eliminated, and costly “red tape” should be cut. Delays in project approval are costly to our local businesses and often discourage new businesses from locating here. To help attract businesses, we must also keep fees low, provide the best schools and roads for our residents. We must keep our neighborhoods, schools and business environment safe. We should strive to balance our revenues with more businesses, manufacturing and professional services. Let’s keep our tax dollars in Riverside!

We should encourage investors and business owners to relocate their businesses to Riverside. To do this, we need to ensure we have the best restaurants, shopping, recreation and other amenities that draw people and their families to our city. When we become a “destination,” we will attract and keep tax dollars here and businesses will invest and grow here. We should not be satisfied with just being a domicile for other communities. How often do you travel to other cities for dining – and spend close to $4 dollars a gallon to get there? Riverside needs more good dining places – not just more fast food places. Let’s make Riverside a destination city! Business success depends on this, as does keeping our UCR Medical School graduates practicing here. The bottom line is, we need to do what it takes to make Riverside thrive.

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