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15 Freeway Commuters are Clutching Their Wallets

by admin on 8th-March-2018

San Bernardino

The San Bernardino County Transit Authority may place toll lanes along the 15 Freeway to ease traffic congestion. The proposed $425 million project will add express toll lanes on a 12-mile stretch of freeway between Duncan Canyon Road and Cantu Galleano Ranch Road. According to the agency, this section of highway accommodates about 223,000 vehicles per day, which includes approximately 20,000 commercial trucks. The heavy volume is predicted to increase by approximately two percent per year in the coming years. Officials say the plan will also provide an opportunity to add an HOV lane. Draft environmental impact documents related to the project are available for review and will remain open for public comment through March 16. For additional information on the project visit http://www.gosbcta.com/.

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